I love you, M.

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Almost 30 years ago I met this guy. We were both in our 20s then, young, fit, and good-looking as people in their 20s are wont to be.

Twenty-five plus years ago, we got together. He was my rebound guy. I was coming out of a breakup, so was he, as far as I was concerned this was gonna be a fling. Then, one morning I woke up beside him in a panic. I’d just realized that I was in love with him.

Not part of the plan. At. All.

That evening I called my mom told her this dramatic news. Her answer? “Well, what’s the worst that can happen?” As usual, she was pretty much telling me to get the hell over myself. Thank you mom.

Twenty-five years later we’ve traveled the world, decided children were not part of our plan, bought a cottage together, discovered who we are, grown older, fatter… er plumper, grown wrinkles and grey hair, had our share of heartache, buried some wonderful people, saw some wonderful people come into the world, made friends, lost friends, worked, played and gotten though the drudgery that a 9 to 5 job can sometimes represent.

He’s stuck by me through 25 miserable (to me) winters (which takes courage or utter insanity, I’m not sure which –  probably both).

He’s cooked for me (a much saner choice than me cooking for him), make me gallons of cocktails and annoyed the hell out of me now and again (as I have him, no doubt).

He has put up with my foibles and moodiness, my PMS and menopause, my sarcasm and, more recently, meno-brain. He’s supported me in my harebrained schemes and passing hobbies. He has stood by smiling as I bought paint at $35 a quart (kick ass paint though!)

He is my everything, the love of my life, the one thing I could not live without.

Happy Birthday M, I love you more than words can say.

  1. Dumdad says:

    That is beautiful. May the next 25 years be as good! Happy birthday to M.

  2. mrwriteon says:

    That is just so darn sweet and loving. Congratulations, you two. As Dumdad says, may your next 25 be even better. Matches made in heaven are not to be scoffed at. Thank you dear sister.

  3. MFN says:

    Happy Birthday and wish you many more happy moments with the love of your life!

  4. That’s a very cute photo of the two of you. Happy Birthday to him!

  5. pinklea says:

    Happy birthday M, and wishing you many more! Sounds like you both lucked out in finding each other – and yes, Jazz you really can be quite SWEET!

  6. Rachel says:

    this is such a touching post; I love it. Happy Birthday to the man of the hour, M!

  7. lime says:

    happy birthday to your beloved. thanks for sharing this great tribute. here’s to many more. (and what a treat to see the picture!)

  8. choochoo says:

    Awww, I always knew you were a big softie, really

  9. Suldog says:

    Happy Birthday, M! And may you both many more years of happiness!

  10. Jocelyn says:

    Your best post ever, closely followed by the post in which you explained how you guys had met.

    You have poetry in you, hon.

  11. geewits says:

    I love this! As one half of a couple who truly love each other, it’s easy to see it in others and I saw that when we were together. Maybe that’s why we all got along so well. Hope the birthday was great!

  12. Congratulations and may you remain blessed as you journey onward together.


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