All That Jazz

I imagine the idea is to pull you into my blog through my witticism and fatal charm.  But as a frog named Jazz, how much fatal charm can I have – unless you’re Prince Charming and into batrachians, but PC was a toad, I am a frog, and never the twain shall meet. Besides, I already have my very own lovely bull frog; a toad just won’t cut it.

So this is the page where I post a wonderful intro telling you all about me and what a lovely person I am.

“Hello, I’m Jazz and…

You obviously don’t know me, that’s not gonna happen. Maybe a quick quote:  “At 49 I still kick ass, I just do it in more expensive shoes.”

Read on if you’re interested. Keep wandering aimlessly around cyberspace if you’re not.  Let me impart some wisdom: Life’s too short to waste on something that doesn’t pique your interest. You know, there are some really cool gaming sites out there.

Contact (which I’m way too technodumb to link – you’ll have to copy/paste, which is still a damn sight quicker than addressing an envelope).

Since I’m impossible to shut up, I’m always glad to chat.

  1. mrwriteon says:

    Witty and with fatal charm? Of course. You are irresistible, my dear sister. And anybody that doesn’t want to hang out with you is unworthy of your consideration in any case. Kick ass you do still and will for many years. It has been so much fun getting to know you this way and I look forward to the day that will permit us to do so in person.

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